Our preventative products are a complete solution for dental preventative care, including sealants and prophy paste.

  • DEFEND Desensitizer

    Universal Desensitizing Agent
    • Quick & Easy Application
    • Universal Compatibility
    • Antimicrobial Agent
    DEFEND Desensitizer is a superior desensitizing agent which can be placed under dental cements or temporary, provisional or final restorative materials to reduce post-operative sensitivity. it can also be used for desensitization of amalgam restorations, placed either conventionally or bonded. DEFEND Desensitizer contains HEMA to aid bonding primers to penetrate etched dentin. The HEMA base in DEFEND Desensitizer helps seal tubeles, giving immediate relief pain due to hypersensitivity. APPLICATION IS QUICK AND EASY. DEFEND DESENSITIZER IS IDEAL FOR:
    • Abrasion, cervical erosions and preps
    • Applications to vital crown preparations prior to luting with cements
    • At the "prep" appointment to desensitize during temporization
    Most dentin resin bonding materials will benefit from DEFEND Desensitizer application. Its application reliably reduces post-op sensitivity by supporting the collagen framework for easier penetration of the adhesive, thus enhancing the dentin bond. DEFEND Desensitizer is an equivalent formula to market leader (for about 1/4 the cost per ml).
  • Defend Plus Prophy Angles

    • Contra design reduces hand fatigue, micro traumas and allows for greater access
    • Disposable
    • Smooth running, vibration free
    • Flared cup design reduces splatter
    #PA-6000 - Firm (Purple)
    #PA-7000 - Soft (Green)
  • Defend Toothbrushes

    • Same quality of major brands at a fraction of the cost
    • Individually wrapped
    • Assorted colors
    #TB-1000 Premium Adult Toothbrush
    #TB-1500 Premium Adult Toothbrush with rubber grip
    #TB-2000 Youth Toothbrush
    #TB-2500 Children's Toothbrush
  • Etch Gel 38

    A 38% phosphoric acid gel for etching tooth enamel. Blue color is easily distinguishable from the tooth structure. Pre-bent tips allow for precise placement.
  • Pit & Fissure Sealant – Light Curing

    Covers and seals pits and fissures in occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth to aid resistance to caries on those surfaces. Its very low viscosity resin system has a white opaque color to help identify retention at recall appointments. The direct delivery syringe system provides a quick and easy application method. The resin cures quickly to form a hard and retentive sealant.
  • Prophy Paste

    Smooth, pliable and reduced-splatter formula contains fluoride and a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents. Safely and effectively removes stains from tooth surfaces.
    Coarse Medium Fine
    Assorted #PP-1000 #PP-1400 ...
    Mint #PP-1100 #PP-1500 ...
    Cherry #PP-1200 #PP-1600 ...
    Bubble Gum ... ... #PP-1800