Our dental instruments and mirrors exceed international standards and are ideal for procedural or hygienic work.

  • Handpiece Cleaner & Lubricant

    • Synthetic hydrocarbons
    • Increases range of high 485 F to -85 F
    • Metered, non-aerosol spray
    • Prevents o-rings from drying out
    • Low evaporation
    • Prevents oxidation & corrosion
    • Non-toxic and non-flammable
    • Extends the life of any handpiece
  • IIIuminated Mouth Mirror Kit

    The portable MirrorLite offers superb, shadow and glare-free illumination of the oral cavity and tooth structures, without cables or the need to readjust overhead lights!. Perfect for a general exam as well as the most detailed hygiene procedure.
    • Uses pure white LED light
    • Titanium coating resists corrosion and tamishing
    • Knurled finish provides a better grip
    • Ergonomic, compact design reduces eye and back strain
    #IN-7003 Introductory Kit (contains: 1 MirrorLite, 50 Disposable Mirrors, 6 batteries and 50 Barrier Sleeves)
    #IN-7004 #5 Refill Mirrors (contains:50 Mirrors, 2 batteries and 50 Barrier Sleeves)
    #IN-7005 MirrorLite only
    #IN-7006 Barrier Sleeves - 500 per box
    #IN-7007 Batteries - 3/pk
  • Micro Torch & Butane Refill

    • Lightweight & compact
    • Instant electronic ignition system
    • Refillable butane gas chamber
    • Includes a removable base for free-standing or handheld use
    #MT-9000 Torch
    #MT-9001 Butane Refill