Face Masks

  • Level 3 Ear-Loop Face Masks w/ Shield

    Quad Fold Design
    • Smooth cellulose inner layer for sensitive skin
    • Dual Fit chin contour to reduce gaps for maximum protection
    • Soft, rounded ear loops
    • Form-fitting pliable nose & chin band
    • Fiberglass/latex free
    • Optically Clear Shield
  • N95 Particulate Respirator

    A NIOSH approved N95 Particulate Respirator that meets guidelines for TB exposure control. Indicated for use when treating patients with airbome disease such as TB or Influenza.
  • Premium Molded Mask

    These fluid-resistant masks offer a superior BFE and PFE of greater than 99%. Available in both regular size and a smaller size in pink, each offering a non-glare, adjustable nosepiece for a comfortable fit.
  • Procedural Ear-Loop Face Mask

    Meets all criteria for ASTM standards for level 2 barrier protection. Perfect for protection when moderate amounts of fluid, spray and/pr aerosols are produced.
    • Anti-Fog, Moisture Absorbent Nosepiece
    • Soft, 3-Ply Pleated Material for Ultimate Comfort
    • Moderate Fluid Resistance
    • 99% Filtration @ 0.1 μm
  • Sensitive Ear-Loop Face Mask

    • Free from lnks and Dyes
    • Fluid Resistant
    • Soft, Rounded Ear Loops
    • Soft lneer Lining for Comfort
  • Standard Procedure Ear-Loop Face Mask

    • Soft, Rounded Ear Loops
    • Soft, 3-Play Pleated Material for ultimate Comfort
    • 99% Filtration @ 0.1 μm
    25 per box 50 per box 100 per box
    #MK - 2010 White #MK - 2007 Blue #MK - 2000 Blue
    #MK - 2008 Pink #MK - 2001 pink
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