• Dispoable Headrest Covers

    Made with a soft, comfortable textured tissue outer covering and a poly backing to help prevent moisture soak-through. Fluid-resistant and disposable.
  • Drinking Cups

    These disposable drinking cups have a special embossed grip that provides greater strenght and makes dispensing easier. They have a lustrous high-gloss finish and are available in five designer colors. Recyclable.
    #DC - 7000 White
    #DC - 7001 Blue
    #DC - 7002 Mauve
    #DC - 7003 Green
    #DC - 7004 Lavender
    #DC - 7007 Yellow
  • Facial Tissue1

    • 100% recycled paper products
    • Chlorine-free, woth no added pigments, dyes or fragrances
    • Soft & strong
  • Micro Applications

    For application of bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions. Bendable neck "stays-put" to difficult to reach areas. Non-absorbent, non-linting fibers suspend solutions as small as 1/8 of a drop without dripping or spilling.
    Superfine Fine Regular
    #MB-1000 - White #MB-1001 - Mauve #MB-1100 - Blue
    #MB-1002 - Yellow #MB-1101 - Green
    #MB-1102 - Orange
    #MB-1103 - Purple
  • Non-Woven Sponges

    A great alternative to cotton filled sponges, these are made from a 4-ply, 32 gram rayon/poly blend. Ideal for wound cleansing, and as secondary dressings for added absorbency. Non-linting/non-sterile.
  • Paper Tray Covers

    Made of durable construction these paper tray covers provide low absorbency and fit trays just right. They features rounded corners and come in the most popular "B" size=8 1/2"*12 1/4" (21.6 cm * 31.1 cm).
    #TC-9000 White
    #TC-9001 Blue
    #TC-9002 Mauve
    #TC-9003 Green
    #TC-9004 Lavender
  • Patient Towels

    The unique technique used to bond the layers of tissue and poly securely together eliminates separation of the layers, and reinforced edges provide added strenght and durability. 2-ply tissue and 1-ply poly for absorption and patient protection
    #PB-8000 White
    #PB-8001 Blue
    #PB-8002 Mauve
    #PB-8003 Green
    #PB-8004 Lavender
    #PB-8005 Yellow
  • Plastic Air/Water 3-Way Syringe Tips

    Excellent for the replacement of existing metal tips and has the identical angle. The plastic material designed tip won't damage the 0-ring like metal tips can. An 0-ring groove secures tip for patient safety and eliminates leakage. Unique quad-core design ensures instant dry air and prevents cross contamination.
    250 per bag Bulk 1500 per bag
    #AW-1000 - Clear #AW-3500 - Blue
    #AW-2000 - White
    #AW-3000 - Blue
  • Pre-Bent Dispensing Tips

    Pre-bent to the proper angle for placing etchants, sealants, cements and other flowable materials. German made & final step washes and blown dry to avoid sediment within the metal tubes. Color coded represent gauges.
    #PN-1227 Pink [Liners & Bases (18 ga)]
    #PN-1228 Yellow [Seatant & Composites - 20ga.]
    #PN-1229 Black [Composites & Cements - 19ga.]
    #PN-1230 Grey [Sealant & Cement - 22ga.]
    #PN-1231 Blue [Etchants - 25ga.]
  • Toilet Tissue

    • 100% recycled paper products
    • Chlorine-free, woth no added pigments, dyes or fragrances
    • Soft & strong
  • Tongue Depressors

    These 100% wood tongue depressors are smooth and splinter-free. Non-sterile.